Gloria Bell 2018

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell , a middle-aged divorcee living in Los Angeles.. Two children are hers: Anne who is a devoted yoga instructor and Peter an unmarried man who is uninspired, who takes care of his newborn son while his wife goes away. Gloria spends her nights letting free at dance clubs in the city.

Arnold is a divorcee who is also there and she quickly meets her. Soon after they meet, they start a relationship. Gloria is irritated when Arnold admits he still supports his ex-wife, Gloria as well as their daughters both unemployed and very demanding. Arnold has a paintball facility, and introduces Gloria to the game.

Gloria introduces Arnold as well as her family at Peter’s birthday party. Her guests include her kids, Dustin, and his wife. Gloria has a mishap and informs her family that Anne is pregnant in the toast. The father is a Swedish waverider and Anne is planning to move to Sweden. Dustin didn’t know the details. Later, they review family photos, which include those from the wedding of Dustin and Gloria, which causes amusement but Arnold is not noticed and goes unnoticed. Dustin is angry because Arnold was not present for the photo shoot and other people are shaken from their stupor. When Gloria discovers that Arnold has gone the scene, everyone searches for him before giving up. Gloria leaves embarrassed.

Arnold frequently calls her and finally , he is able to catch her just as she’s leaving work. Arnold tries to justify his sudden departure by saying that he had been looking for her eyes, but she mentions his daughters’ phone calls and advises him to “grow a couple”. She attempts to give him his paintball guns back, but he refuses. So she drives off with the gun.

Gloria is a crazy neighbor who has left marijuana on her front door one night. The next day, she smokes it and dances with it. She is devastated by her daughter’s maturity and drives Anne to the airport in order to collect her for her trip to Sweden the next day. The doctor tells Gloria that she’ll need prescription eyedrops in order to preserve her vision.

Gloria is finally able to return Arnold’s calls and they set up an excursion to Las Vegas. He’s in his room when he gets the phone call of his daughters. They inform him that their ex wife was hurt while walking through an open door. Arnold insists on cancelling the trip and they have an evening of sexual sex. They have a great time dining at good restaurants and relaxing in the pool. He is still ignoring his daughters’ calls. While enjoying a romantic dinner she suggests they go to Spain. Gloria accepts and Arnold places his phone in the soup. Arnold apologizes and states that he’ll be back right away however, he doesn’t show up. Gloria is able to check the wardrobe in the hotel room, and then is taken to the casino. Gloria is a bit slack drinking and having fun with random people, meeting an individual and going on a dreamlike experience. She awakes on the pool deck without shoes, and then calls her mother to take her home.

Arnold calls her several times and she has to unplug her phone in response. The paintball guns She throws them away, but eventually retrieves the guns. When she drives to Arnold’s house she calmly shoots his house and him in anger. His ex-wife and the daughters storm out screaming obscenities. But she doesn’t seem to be bothered and leaves laughing at ” Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

At her friend at the wedding reception of her daughter Vicky, the song “Gloria” is playing as Gloria is seated. Gloria politely refuses to dance when asked, however, she changes her heart when Vicky insists on her joining in. She is invited to dance and soon gets absorbed with the beat. Gloria Bell HD